Unique Clamping System for a midlands fabrications company who had tonnage issues with a new modern Press Brake Machine

The Issue

We had a local customer who moved from an old Edwards 500 tonne press brake to a modern eurostyle press brake using 320 tonnes, the issue was that the new machine was only supplied with clamps that could take 100 tonnes a meter, they wanted to use all their old tools which had one style of tang, as well as new eurostyle tools which had another and increase the tonnes per meter the clamps could take

Process and Conclusion

  • We visited the site, consulted and measured current tools and press brake
  • Designed a unique sub adaptor so two different tangs could be used
  • Beefed up the design so the clamp was attached to the back of the machine beam
  • Produced a sample clamp for size purpose, which fitted the machine like a glove
  • Went into full production at our Midlands based factory
  • Delivered, Fitted and Tested the new clamps

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