CNC Modular Rolla-V

“The world’s first Pneumatic Rolla-V CNC Controlled Press Brake Tooling Die, change the “V” size from 55mm wide up to 142mm with a touch of one button. Saving hundreds of man hours removing dies. This amazing die can bend up to 20mm material. Rotating inserts support the material so allowing awkward shapes to be bent, with different inserts it can also provide over bending so U shape radius bends (Concave Inserts can be added) or flat bottom channels can be archived in one hit (“V” inserts can be added). The dies are precision tooling and so simple to use, it’s just plug and play and fits all press brakes”

Tool in Action

Time Is money

It’s ideal for companies that use thick material but have to keep changing heavy dies everyday.

  • Now consider if it ONLY takes 30 minutes a day……
  • That’s 2.5 hours a week…..
  • 10 hours per month …..
  • 120 hours per year !!!

You have just Lost THREE WEEKS WORK by changing over tooling

Rolla-V CNC Modular RVHD3 details

  • Change “V” sizes for various radii at a touch of a button
  • Available in different lengths to suit your requirements
  • Fittings available for all Press Brakes
  • Bend up to 20mm material
  • “V” sizes achievable from 55mm up to 142mm
  • Can be used with Flat, Concave and “V” Inserts

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