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We can also assist in designing and manufacturing bespoke and special tooling

Speak to one of our in-house technical team to discuss your requirements. We make the impossible, possible!

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Here are a very small selection of special tools we have produced recently…

Spring loaded Top Hat Style tool, four bends in one hit, giving a sharper radii thanks to the coining technique.

Saving time and money!

Birds beak tooling is very popular for applying reinforced bending. This helps stiffen the material at the point of bending. This type of tool can be produce as a bespoke item or modified from standard tooling.

Tooling to form a channel or multiple channels in one hit with spring loaded Top and Bottom former and a flattening base to perfectly straighten the length of the material.

Hemming / Dutch Fold / Safety Edge folding for material 3mm or over. Standard tooling can’t cope with this type of thickness because they are surface hardened while our special tooling are through hardened and finished with a corrosion relief coating.

Hinge Tooling is very popular but impossible to achieve by standard tooling alone. We can manufacture a 3 hit application single tool, we just need to know the internal diameter, style and thickness of material and length required.

You can bend Louvre parts on your Press Brake. With the option of forming and cutting the material, if the material allows it or you can have a tool just to punch out the Louvre if you have the lines already cut.

We can produce a tool to your required sizes and to fit any press brake.

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